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  1. Our firm's managed accounts have outperformed the S&P 500 by 89% since inception in January 1998. We offer separate investor advisory and money management services which use the "Buyback Stragegy" principles. NEW CLIENT min. portfolio size = $100,000... More Info »

  2. MPI is a nationally recognized high quality short/intermediate bond manager founded in 1986. MPI manages both tax free and taxable portfolios for conservative High Net Worth and institutional investors. NEW CLIENT Minimum Portfolio Size = $500,000... More Info »

  3. We serve select High Net Worth (HNW) clientele globally. Your money should be organized in a way that supports your lifestyle, not a template from a consumer finance magazine. Our NEW CLIENT Minimum Portfolio Size = $1,000,000... More Info »

  4. We provide Inclusive Financial Planning & Expert Investment Portfolio Management. We seek to create the optimal blend of growth assets for each client. Our NEW CLIENT minimum portfolio size = $500,000... More Info »

  5. We serve many clients throughout the West including: UT, CO, NM, NV, AZ & CA. Our expertise is in reducing taxes and expenses of our clients and more effectively managing the growth of their assets. NEW CLIENT minimum portfolio size = $250,000... More Info »

  6. **NAPFA Member** I have devoted myself specifically to providing comprehensive tax and financial planning services to firefighters. I serve firefighter clientele nationally... More Info »

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